Custom Applications

Cloud Based

Access to your data any where the way you want it. I specialize in creating web based applicaiton on public or private networks, so that you always have access to your data. Today with web, there are many ways that you will need to access your data, via smartphone, tablet, or computer, let me create your application to be accessed from anywhere on most any device.

Your Data

Off the shelf software might not fit your business. Maybe it forces you to change how you manufacture or deliver your product. Custom applications can be formed around how you do business or how you want to do business.

Get Connected

Customer need access to data in a safe and accurate way. I have worked with clients to help their customers access information they need. Other times you need data from clients, from a simple we want three of these to automated data gathering.

Technology Consulting


Need to communicate with a second location across the road, town, county, or country. Maybe employees need to access data from home or on the road. Mision critical application and redundant connectivity might be needed for your business to maximize sales or meet deadlines.

Data Security

Ever wonder if your data is safe? What does it even mean to have safe data? One area is whom can access what and when. Some data might need to be encrypted, while other data might need to be accessed easly by customer. Do not forget to have backups of your data for disaster recover. Data recover can be in two forms, few files and quick recovery or restoring a system to or from a remote location.

General IT

Even if you have an IT staff, there are times when having someone to offload tasks, cover while you relax on a vacation, or maybe just someone to toss ideas off. If you do not have IT personal and need someone to take care of technology tasks once a month or a day a week.

Comming soon...

This site is a work in progress. I will be including examples of how I did things on this site and other sites, help on using technology to better your business and projects I am interested in.